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First impressions count! This is your cover shot - a natural, beautifully styled image of  your product or food within a setting or on an interesting  background. The idea is to help you incorporate your visual branding into your photography. Let your photos say things that words cannot say and give your product that extra edge. 

First of all I need to get a very clear idea of your visual branding. It does take some time in the beginning, but in the end you get images that are tailor-made for you and send out a clear message about who you are. It's worth taking extra time and care, before shooting.

We carefully select backgrounds and props that tell a subtle story about your business, without detracting from your product. We meticulously style all these elements, so that the overall look is natural but also balanced and polished. Part of creating the right setting for your shoot is choosing the right lighting to match the general feel of your business. From dark and moody to light and airy - it's not luck - everything is thoughtfully created.The choice of colour and format and style is all deliberate and must integrate well into your website and social media. Ideally every image should be crafted for a specific page of your website, with variations to be used as social media photography.


I believe your product photography deserves the kind of attention to detail, that you'd expect from a wedding shoot. In the end it's the small details that matter.




your story



your service & Process

Every product or service has a story behind it. I'm not talking about the story of how your business started. I mean the story of all the work behind the scenes, every day. I mean the people who are doing that work - the people that your customers are supporting. When customers see all the background work that goes into your final product or service, they recognise more value in your product or service and are usually happy to pay more for it. They also begin to become personally involved with your product & service, which is what modern day marketing is all about. This is essential for hand-made and artisanal businesses and works really well for restaurants/cafe's and guest houses/B'nB's too. 

Capturing your essence: I come to your premises and find your visual story. My job is to create a summary and make simple things look beautiful. We carefully choose what to show and what not to show in your story. Which elements tell people about the care that you take, and give an essence of time. Are there spaces that tell people about the atmosphere and personality of your business? 


I like to zoom in and capture little details, that give a subtle idea about your business process without spelling everything out. That's what keeps your images magical. 

I prefer to use natural lighting where I can, but sometimes it's necessary to bring extra lighting along. Sometimes we need to recreate a behind-the scenes set-up, but I really like to keep things natural and as unstaged as possible for your lifestyle shoots.


These images can then be used on your website, social media and be printed to help to create a consistent look for your business.

The images below, that I did for Babette's bread, were all done at her premises, with natural lighting as she was working. It's real but it's also beautiful.

To find out more about photography packages which include your own ISSUU magazine presentation, like the one above - contact me.

The Process
visual styling
First we get together and discuss your vision and your values. I look at your current branding and by adding that to what you've told me, I soon get an intuitive feel for what your business could look like. Over the next couple of days I do a visual brainstorm, where I collect images that compliment your business personality. From these I create a moodboard for our session.
your needs
Let's not waste your money. How can photography best serve you, so that you stand out and get heard?  I chat to you and work out what photography you actually need.  Let's break it down into biteable chunks. We talk about cover shots and headers for websites, social media imagery, and photos of your story. We have a look at which images you have and which images you need taken. I try to make the photos that we create for you as versatile as possible, so that you can re-use them again and again.
Keeping in mind what your needs are and your visual style, I create an image list for your photo session. This might include images of your product or service, close-ups of your process and tools you use, spaces in which you work, and a simple portrait or two. I guide you through the process of choosing the images that will be of most use to you. We also do detailed planning of props, backgrounds and other logistics that you or I might be responsible for.
your photo session
Your photo session is like the wedding day, where everything we planned comes together. I come to your premises and find your visual story. My job is to create a summary and make simple things look beautiful. We carefully choose what to show and what not to show. Which elements tell people about the care that you take, and give an essence of time? Are there spaces that tell people about the atmosphere and personality of your business? It's a wonderful feeling when the photography you get is what you planned.
After the photo session, images are edited and enhanced in Photoshop. I like to supply all your images in small formats for digital purposes and in large formats for printing purposes. I try to make it easy to slot your photos into websites and social media.
what you get
A beautiful set of photos, that are thoughtfully and intentionally crafted in the style of your specific company - images that make you proud and are versatile enough to use on social media, on your website and for printing. 
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