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When your business is a service, consultancy, coaching or a blog, you need photos taken just as much as any other business does, but coming up with beautiful ideas that express what you do, can require thinking out of the box a little. Even more than product photography these images must clearly tell people about the style in which you work, who you are and the quality of your work.  


At first I need to get a very clear idea of your visual branding, because you don't need to end up looking "corporate-y" and impersonal, if your whole business is about that personal touch. We start with a virtual or in-person meeting and I ask you to work through a questionnaire. It does take some time in the beginning, but in the end you get images that are tailor-made for you and send out a clear message about who you are. It's worth taking extra time and care, before shooting. 


Then what we do is create beautifully styled settings with a simple background story that tells people about your service. Not all the photos need to be images of you. We take one or two portraits and then we create little lifestyle settings that tell people about you - a cup of tea by your computer or some notes that you have written, by a vase of flowers. It's all about using subtle visual hints. The choice of colour, format and style is all deliberate and must integrate well into your website and social media. Ideally every image should be crafted for a specific page of your website, with variations to be used on social media.

In the end you have a versatile set of branded photos, custom-made and exclusive for your service or consultation business. For an quick and instant solution - you may want to look at the Studio Louvain stock photography.


Branding Stock Photography

for online businesses

Ranges of Styled Stock Photos to suit specific branding criteria. Pre-made. Quick & easy to buy and slot into your work.

If you'd like me to create branded photos, custom-made and exclusive for your service or consultation business             contact me for pricing.

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