Those first precious days fly by in a blur. I’ve been there, I know. 

Let me capture your memories in a gentle and natural way. I come to your home, where you are most comfortable and relaxed. No artificial flash, just soft natural light. Just you, your baby and this precious time.

Why trust me?


I am a mom( in my 40's) to 2 slightly bigger girls. I've seen the good the bad and the ugly and I know you're not always in control. In fact you're not meant to be. I am patient and I am calm. Sometimes the session is quick and sometimes you need to feed your baby right in the middle or change a nappy or just have a cuddle. I understand and I take my time. 

I've been a photographer for a long time - I first borrowed my mom's camera at the age of 6. I studied Photography at university in my 20's and have been freelancing ever since, which is way too many years to mention here...


I also do commercial photography, but capturing the relationship between a new parent and their baby is something special.

2018 Newborn Photo Sessions

Newborns are best photographed between 7-14 days old. This when they are the most sleepy and relaxed. Because time flies by once baby is there, I advise my clients to book their newborn session before their baby is born. We can always reschedule if need be, but once that precious time has passed - you can never get it back.


I am based in Bearsden, Glasgow and work for clients in this vicinity. I generally photograph in the mornings. Don't ask me why, but it seems to be a general time that babies tend to be at their calmest and happiest and my babies are at school, so I tend to be at my calmest too.


Starts at 10am and can last for anything between            1-3hours.

Because I am new in this area and people still need to get to know me, I am currently only charging 

£60 for this entire session.

Includes 10 Photos printed and supplied digitally