I believe art-making can help anyone


to make more confident daily decisions,


to feel grounded and calmer,


to process thoughts and feelings 


and to reconnect with their inner self and inner wisdom

Karené Wedekind

(Bachelor of Fine Art)

About Karené

I am an artist (BFA), photographer and all-round creative person who loves to print and paint.


I've always been interested in the questions of why we make art, what the benefits are and what makes the art making process valuable. During an extensive mindful art-making period (2019) while studying an introductory course on Art Psychotherapy, I found myself analysing what I was doing and searching for the answers to these questions.


I learned that during the art process we have the possibility of dipping into mindful activity that can calm us and make us focus on the present moment.  When we regularly use the creative and intuitive parts of our brain, we also develop stronger ties with our gut instinct and I believe we learn to trust our inner wishes more. Regular art-making can help us become more confident and at peace with who we are. 

My workshops are for everyone, whether you're a confident art-maker or just a curious beginner. You do not need to be able to draw. This is not about making 'beautiful' art. In my workshops I do not analyse or coach you. I simply introduce very simple techniques to listen to your creative self.

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