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My name is Karené (pronounced Ko-rin-ay) but some people call me Karen or K...whatever is easier works for me.

I have been a photographer for over 15  years now. From my accent you'll quickly realise that I am South African, but I am now based in Glasgow, Scotland and in my spare time I love to travel and explore this beautiful country. 


Family and quality of life is important to me. I have two witty and intelligent daughters, who keep me on my toes & a wonderful, supportive husband.  

simply pause

Simply Pause is about slow living and taking care when creating something. The name came from my original blog, which was about photographing the simple beauty in everyday life, and it's that vision that you'll still find in my photography today. 


I work with entrepreneurs to create a beautiful set of images that suits their business and resonates with their clients.


my style

My photography is about clear light and isolating details from a busy setting. You'll find that my style is calm, timeless and natural - never sterile. I believe in keeping things simple and natural, whether using natural or studio flash. 

let's get technical - briefly

  • I shoot with a Canon 6D, which is a full-frame digital camera and where possible I prefer to use my primary lenses to ensure the best quality.

  • Before cropping my images are 5472 x 3648 pixels, which means that you should be able to print up to A1 size, comfortably.

  • I edit my images on my iMac, using Lightroom and Photoshop. I can supply the images in RAW format or as Jpg's.

  • I have a degree in Fine Art with Photography as my Major.

  • In South Africa I had a professional studio - the studio equipment has moved over to Glasgow with me, and we are now mobile - ready to come to you!

What is tethered capture?

Styled food and still-lifes of products are best photographed tethered  - that is when the camera is connected to my faithful Mac and the image appears instantly on the screen.

Lifestyle Photography is much freer and natural and does not require tethered capture.

location photography
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