You know what you want your brand to look like or feel like, but what does that mean in terms of your photos? How do you explain this feeling in your stomach? A concrete guide will help everyone understand, visualise and create what you want - from photographers to designers, your social media team to advertisers and everyone on your team.Let me translate your gut feel into words.

Karene's approach to visual branding is the most beautiful and graceful experience. She genuinely cares about the heart and soul of your business and goes the extra mile to understand every nuance and detail. The care taken to collect information and images to compliment your business is remarkable. She has the ability to see things in a manner only a close or true friend could and molds your visual concepts into an impressive and complete visual product. She captures the essence of your business in pictures and gently introduces visual concepts and ideas to the mood board. The visual branding journey is a pleasure to witness and experience. Highly recommended!!

- Babette Kourelos, Babette's Bread

Colour Themes

Basic colour choices help your brand become more recognisable

basic photo branding guide

  • 3 Photo Branding meetings and Creative Work

  • Process would include the following steps -

    • Introductory meeting (online or in person)

    • Create initial brainstorm and collection of appropriate imagery 

    • Discuss brainstorm & imagery 

    • Create moodboard

    • Add visual guidelines

    • Meeting to present & explain photo-branding guide



Let me know if you'd like a free online consultation. I'll have a look at your vision thus far, give you some initial photo branding tips, and answer any of your questions. ENQUIRE HERE



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